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Elevate your website engagement, boost sales, and delight customers with our all-in-one chatbot solution. Add our live chat widget, connect across channels, and automate sales and support for a thriving business. Join us today for the future of customer engagement!``

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We design, build and support websites and apps for clients worldwide. We make your business stand out. Interested? Let's chat.

Impact of Google Analytics-Enabled customized chatbot

Unlock the full potential of your customized chatbot with seamless Google Analytics integration. Our chatbot not only engages users effectively but also provides valuable SEO-optimized insights. By monitoring real-time data, you can gauge user behavior, track key metrics, and understand user demographics.

No coding required. No credit card required

Effortlessly design chatbot conversation flows with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. No coding skills or credit card information needed. Get started today and transform your customer interactions with ease. Our platform is hassle-free and risk-free, so you can focus on what matters most.

Why you need Queue Bot for your business?

Greet All Visitors

Give Quick Replies

Easy to Install

Increase Interactions

Generate More Leads

Provide 24x7 Support

Reduce Ops Cost

Customize per Brand

Seamless App Integration with Queue Bot

Collaborate seamlessly with Queue Bot's built-in plugins. Unleash its power today!
At Queue Bot, collaboration is key. Our dedicated team and cutting-edge tools empower us to craft an unparalleled experience for you. With us, you'll make remarkable strides together!
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What our customers are saying?

We work hard to satisfy our clients
``Easy Data Insights``. We love how Queue bot works with Google Analytics. It's like a super tool for understanding our customers. We can see how well the bot and our team are doing in real-time. It helps our team be even better.

Sara Grant

Los Angeles, California

``Amazing Customer Support Help``. Queue bot has made talking to customers super easy for us. We can help customers quickly and make them happy. Even when it's not working hours, we can still support our customers. This is great!

Luke Jacobs

San Antonio, Texas

``Always There for Customers``. Queue bot is like a superhero. It's always ready to talk to customers no matter where they are. It helps us make our customers happy on our website, app, and social media. Our customers love it.

Amber Page

Seattle, Washington

Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones

What sets Adhoc Softwares apart from other companies?

We offer a client-focused approach, seamless integration, start-up support, and a strong emphasis on enhancing your brand’s image

Tell me more about Queue Chatbot.

Queue Chatbot is powered by Advanced AI API and is designed to swiftly resolve support questions. It offers total control over the chatbot’s performance.

How can I schedule a demo with Queue Chatbot?

You can schedule a demo on the Queue website.

Does Queue Bot require technical expertise to set up?

No, Queue bot provides templates and an AI Assistant for easy automation setup.

Can Queue Chatbot help increase conversion rates?

Yes, Queue Chatbot can increase conversion rates by engaging visitors and providing real-time responses.

What are the benefits of using Queue Chatbot?

Queue Chatbot ensures reliable, secure, and accurate responses and can handle over 80% of routine queries.

How can Queue Chatbot help optimize user engagement?

Queue Chatbot provides insights through Conversation History View to help optimize accuracy in interactions.

Can Queue Chatbot help with lead generation?

Yes, Queue Chatbot can capture email addresses and phone numbers for up to 80% of your leads and add them to your database.

How does Queue Chatbot enhance customer experiences?

Queue Chatbot empowers businesses to embrace conversational AI and connects them with customers through ongoing, authentic conversations.

What industries can benefit from Queue Chatbot?

Queue Chatbot can be beneficial for various industries, including banking, government, healthcare, insurance, and retail.

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