Conversations Made Easy

Turning Frustration into Customer Happiness

Queue bot, with the power of Machine Learning and Natural Language Understanding, can make your customer chats more effective. We offer various chat features to help you connect quickly with customers, personalize their experiences, and give your live chat agents the information they need to assist customers better.

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Online Chat

Always Ready and Accessible

Whether it's on your website, app, or anywhere else, you won't leave your customers feeling lost. Queue bot contacts them the moment they visit your website. Even if you have many ongoing conversations, you can easily keep track of chat statuses, identify those needing immediate attention, and prioritize them. Real-time metrics help you assign chats to your agents quickly, so you're always there for your customers.

Recipe for a Successful Chatbot

Streamlining Your Conversations

Create a seamless customer journey by starting, welcoming, and ending conversations in a friendly way. When you're talking to a new visitor, you can collect their email address, show product recommendations, gather feedback, and more. Every interaction is stored for future reference, so your agents are always well-informed.

Multilingual Chatbot

Making All Customers Feel Included

Make sure your chatbot doesn't sound impersonal by talking in your customers' preferred language. Queue bot supports more than 20 languages, including Bahasa, English, Arabic, Hindi, and more. This broadens your reach, provides personalized customer experiences, grows your customer base, and improves your business's returns. Most importantly, it removes language barriers.

NLP and Machine Learning

Understanding Like a Human

Queue bot is built on top of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, allowing it to understand even informal customer conversations. It collects valuable information, resolves common issues, connects customers with the right agents, and more. Unless the bot struggles to understand a query, your human agents can focus on more important tasks.

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