AI-Powered Agent Support

Boosting Support Teams!

Queue bot offers an array of agent-friendly features to enhance your support agents' conversation handling, ultimately leading to improved productivity metrics.

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Exclusive Agent Dashboards

Live Chat with Enhanced Features

Our dedicated agent dashboards come packed with powerful tools, making live chat support a smoother experience.

Canned Responses

Swiftly Respond to Common Questions

Canned responses are pre-saved messages that agents can choose from by typing in relevant keywords. This swift response capability leads to better response rates.

Live Chat Plugins

Consolidate Multiple Apps in a Single View

Empower your agents to access information from other applications, such as CRM and Google Maps, without the need to switch between different tabs. This streamlining improves response rates and resolution times with Queue bot.

Details Beyond the Dashboard

Equip Your Agents with Comprehensive Features

Provide your agents with valuable insights, including the number of active chats, pending assignments for your agents, and work in the queue for others. You can filter conversations by assignment, status, CSAT, and dates to access all the necessary information.


Resume Conversations with Friendly Reminders

Queue bot is here to address subtle challenges. With the Nudge feature, agents can automatically send reminder and follow-up messages after a specific period, ensuring that no conversation is left incomplete.

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