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Elevate Conversions

Share the best Conversational AI. Refer our AI-powered customer support platform, earn big!

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Partner with top customer support automation. Drive growth with training, roadmap, and discounts.

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Elevate with AI support. Stay ahead with early access.

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Co-marketing with #1 AI support. Learn and grow in our ecosystem.

Queue Bot Partnership Programs

Explore our diverse partnership programs designed to supercharge your business growth

Referral Partner Program

Simple and Profitable: Easily refer the world’s best customer support automation and Conversational AI platform.
Pioneering Technology: Be at the forefront of cutting-edge customer support.

Reseller Partner Program

Accelerate Digital Transformation: Gain complete access to our reseller product roadmap.
Comprehensive Training: Access sales and technical training, go-to-market assets, and business process outsourcer discounts.
Leverage Our Platform: Power your growth with our top-rated customer support automation platform.

White Label Partner Program

Customize for Your Brand: Rebrand our products or services as your own.
Tailored Solutions: Customize our offerings to meet the unique needs of your customers.
Licensing Agreement: Pay a licensing fee for the right to use our products or services under your brand.

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