Boosting Online Sales Through Chatbots: A Guide for Ecommerce Businesses

Running an online store can be challenging. You need to find ways to turn website visitors into paying customers. This is where chatbots come in handy! Chatbots are computer programs that can chat with website visitors and help guide them to make purchases. In this blog post, we will discuss how ecommerce businesses can use chatbots to increase sales and profits.

What Are Chatbots and How Do They Work?

A chatbot is a software that can have conversations with people using text or voice. Chatbots use artificial intelligence (AI) so they can understand questions and respond like a human.

Chatbots can be built into websites, apps, and messaging platforms. When a customer visits your store, a chat window pops up. The chatbot greets them and offers help. The customer can ask questions and the chatbot gives answers. If the chatbot cannot understand a question, it can connect the customer to a human agent.

Benefits of Using Chatbots for Ecommerce

Here are some major benefits chatbots offer for online businesses:

1. Instant Customer Engagement

When a customer lands on your ecommerce site, a chatbot can immediately start a conversation. This provides a more engaging experience compared to an empty website. The chatbot can offer help and build rapport with the visitor. This reduces the chance that the visitor will leave the site quickly without exploring.

2. Personalized Shopping Experience

Chatbots can be programmed to remember customer details and shopping behavior. Using this data, they can give personalized product recommendations and deals to each visitor. For example, if a regular customer is browsing, the chatbot can suggest products based on their past purchases and interests. This level of individual attention makes customers feel valued.

3. Quick Resolution of Queries

Customers usually have many questions while shopping online. Chatbots can answer common questions related to shipping, returns, sizing, etc. instantly. The chatbot can also connect customers to human agents for more complex issues. This saves customers a lot of time and gives quick solutions.

4. Communicating in Different Languages

Chatbots can be programmed to understand and communicate in multiple languages. This allows ecommerce businesses to engage customers all over the world more effectively. Chatbots break language barriers and help increase global sales.

5. Generating Customer Insights

Chatbot conversations provide valuable data into customer needs, pain points, interests etc. Analyzing chatbot data helps ecommerce stores improve product offerings, website design, and marketing strategies.

6. Building Trust with Visitors

Many first-time visitors have concerns about product quality, safety, deliveries, fraud, etc. Chatbots can proactively address these apprehensions and build trust. For example, a chatbot can provide shipping and return policies, highlight security features, and offer customer support contacts. This reassurance makes visitors more comfortable making purchases.

Strategies to Use Chatbots Effectively

Here are some tips to implement chatbots successfully on your ecommerce site:

Place Chatbots Strategically

Add chatbots to high traffic pages like product description, shopping cart, checkout, etc. where customers need the most assistance.

Offer Personalized Recommendations

Suggest products to each customer based on their individual interests and purchase history data.

Provide Targeted Discounts

Offer promo codes and special discounts to website visitors through the chatbot. Time-limited flash sales work well.

Simplify Choices

If a customer is undecided about a product, the chatbot can recommend options based on needs and preferences. This simplifies decision making.

Highlight Security Measures

Proactively inform customers about safety of payments, privacy policies, secure delivery, anti-fraud checks, etc. This provides assurance.

Send Cart Abandonment Reminders

If a shopping cart is abandoned before checkout, send reminder notifications with incentives to complete the purchase.

Continuously Improve Chatbots

Keep monitoring chatbot metrics like sales rates, user feedback, etc. Refine regularly to enhance performance.

Real-World Examples of Chatbots Boosting Conversions

Here are two common ecommerce scenarios where chatbots have delivered results:

Recovering Abandoned Shopping Carts

Chatbots can recover 15-30% of abandoned carts by sending timely reminders and exclusive discount promo codes to customers.

Driving Repeat Purchases

Chatbots can recommend complementary products after a purchase and generate 5-15% additional sales. Thank you and feedback messages also improve customer experience.

Top Chatbot Platforms for Ecommerce

If you want to add chatbots to your online store, check out these popular platforms:

Chatbots for Getting More Leads

Chatbots are computer programs that can talk to website visitors. They are useful for getting more leads for your business. Here are 5 chatbots that help get more leads:

  1. Queuebot

Queuebot is an easy to use chatbot made for getting leads. It asks visitors questions to get their contact information and interests. Key features:

  • Easy drag and drop chatbot builder
  • Captures lead information
  • Integrates with marketing tools
  • Available 24/7

Queuebot is simple to add to your website. It balances power and ease of use.


  • Gets leads by chatting
  • Qualifies leads
  • Integrates with sales tools
  • Works outside business hours


  • Less customization
  • Monthly fee to use
  • Botsonic

Botsonic uses advanced AI to have conversations that engage visitors. It builds chatbots with drag and drop. Bots ask questions to capture leads. Integrates with CRM systems. Main features:

  • Powerful AI for conversations
  • Easy builder
  • Integrates with CRMs
  • Scores leads

Botsonic is great for businesses that want really smart chatbots.


  • Natural conversations
  • Lead qualification
  • CRM integrations
  • Customizable


  • Harder to learn
  • More expensive
  • ManyChat

ManyChat makes Facebook Messenger bots for leads. It’s easy to create bots to engage your audience. Tools help drive traffic to your bot. Main features:

  • Drag and drop builder
  • Messenger integration
  • Broadcast messaging
  • Traffic growth tools

ManyChat is best for Facebook Messenger lead gen.


  • Made for Messenger
  • Engagement features
  • Easy to start


  • Messenger only
  • Less advanced AI
  • Landbot

Landbot makes simple drag and drop chatbots. They integrate with Messenger for leads. Features include:

  • Drag and drop builder
  • Messenger integration
  • Growth tools
  • Conversation analytics

Landbot is straightforward to use with little learning needed.


  • No code builder
  • Easy drag and drop
  • Integrates with other tools


  • Confusing pricing
  • Less customization
  • Technical issues
  • Poor support
  • Drift

Drift provides advanced chatbots for your website. AI chatbots engage visitors naturally to capture leads. Features:

  • Customizable bots
  • Lead capture conversations
  • Sales integrations
  • Conversation analytics

Drift has more advanced and customizable lead bots. But it’s complex to use.


  • AI conversations
  • Customizable
  • Sales focused


  • Steep learning curve
  • More expensive


Implementing chatbots is essential for any ecommerce business looking to boost conversions in the modern era. With benefits like instant engagement, personalized recommendations and problem-solving, chatbots can significantly improve customer experience and online sales. A strategic and optimized approach is key to maximize the success of chatbots.

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